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Like all ideas, this one evolved. It started out as a collection of convenient one-sided communications I have with other people without their knowledge or participation. It’s not crazy or uncommon for people to have such dialogues and I thought this would be an interesting exercise in writing.

Then something happened. Poetry. It just started flowing out of me as in one or two fully formed beings a day. This was something new, something I had never experienced before. And it brought an unexpected joy. So why not run with it and see where it leads?

Always ask yourself, “What if?” and “Why not?”

Though I know little about the art of poetry itself and only a handful of poets whose poems I have read, there is something universal about it. How it can elicit a feeling, touch all your senses, transporting you into spaces and places no physical ticket to ride could take you.

It’s a voyage I want to take. I hope you will join me.

bowl of pears watercolor illustration study

Pears. 2021 © Kristin Maija Peterson. A study using an illustration technique I read about years ago but had not attempted until now.

Kristin Maija Peterson is a post-modern ecological artist, writer, and self-proclaimed beauty hunter. Her work on paper reflects the wild and messy spaces we often want to control or manipulate for our own gain — landscapes within landscapes that are vital parts of overall ecosystems. You can read more and see her work at Terra Kind Studio.

In the future, I hope to post artwork here, too, to illustrate the poetry. Most of the time it will be little studies, a sketch or batch of colors I am using for a current watercolor I am working on. In short it will be a mashup! For the moment, it’s just photographs I find fitting.