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When a gift arrives, accept it.

Run with it. Let it take you as far as you can. With perseverance and luck,
you will come to know yourself as you never have before.

Poetry, art, and short stories will be posted in the coming months, most certainly in the current year we find ourselves living (that is, 2022). I do hold deadlines as deadlines are accountablity. But I can’t dish up dinner until it’s ready to serve. In the meantime, while you are waiting, subscribe to this feed, blog, what ever you call this…I’m just glad you’re here.



Waking at 3:47 in the morning, on rare occasions, has its rewards looking out the window the brightest thing in the sky is a perfect crescent moon hanging low over the neighbors’ rooftops a moon we call a “cow jumped over the moon” moon. They say this is the lonely...



A minor obsession that started ages ago, I was single, just moved to the citywhere from a neighborhood import store I purchased a pair of delicate finger bowls painted with Asian-inspired blue floras a pretty little match joiningmy mismatched plates and pots...

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At home in the Universe.
Travels when I have a ticket to ride.
Physically-based in St. Paul, MN

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