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I took a risk. A bold one I think.

At the beginning of this year, I started to write poetry, or more accurately, poetry came to me. It’s really not an odd thing to happen. As a visual artist, I know that art is both observation and reflection. What is poetry but observation and reflection? Both are expressions of the soul.

Since turning 60 I have taken an earnest intent to find my voice and have my voice heard. Not for recognition (that would be ego) but to understand my true nature, as a woman and as a human being. I am always seeking to understand my full potential.

Poetry just showed up. Like magic. I can’t sit down and force one out. Instead a poem comes to me in just a line or two that feel good when I say them out loud. I can usually write a poem in one sitting. Then let it sit, I will come back and edit, usually extracting words and if all feels good saying it out loud, I pronounce the poem is done. It is out.

So with a few relatively good poems written, (and more not fit for human consumption, at least not yet), I submitted a few relatively good poems to the 21st Annual Poet-Artist Collaboration held by Red Wing Arts, in Red Wing, Minnesota. It is one of their “crown jewel” events that bring artists, poets, and community together for art and the spoken word.

And I got in. One of my poems was selected, accepted. At which point, artists who were selected to participate (both art and poems are juried), chose the poem they would like to use as inspiration for a new work of art. Last year I participated as an artist and it was a thrill to be chosen to participate.

This time, it’s just a much a thrill, perhaps more so. I am with some pretty inspiring company of poets, many of them published and carrying the title of Poet Laureate. This is humbling. And this is finding my voice.

If you happen to live in and about southern Minnesota, the opening reception for the 21st Annual Poet-Artist Collaboration is Friday, April 29, 2022. And if you are reading this and you can join us that evening, please find me (that shouldn’t be too difficult, name badges and all) and introduce yourself. I want to hear your voice, too.

How are you finding your voice? I would love to hear what brave things you are doing to find it. Jot your journey in the comment box.

Your Turn. I Would Love To Hear Your Thoughs.

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