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As a rule and for self-preservation, I no longer make them.

None of the lose 10 pounds by summer, get more exercise, and eat right
Whatever eating food right means.

I have had quite enough of all that and find myself satisfactorily done.

But if I broke the rule, just this one time,
my resolution would be
not to get honked at while driving.
Apparently, my driving disappoints my fellow drivers
whose manners and methods of driving leave me astonished.

 How ever do they stay alive?

My prayer behind the wheel and before every trip is
“Please God, get me there safe.” And I don’t me heaven.

Then again, if I broke the rule, just this one time,
my resolution would be

 Let it go.

Imagine having only a week, a day, an hour left to live.
A time limit shifts perspectives profoundly
Let it go would be paramount, the last thing you do.

Dinner got a little overdone tonight.

 Let it go.

My partner lectures me on how I took care of something
and not to his standards

 Let it go.

 Self-doubt, I call her Virginia. It makes for better discourse but then

 Let her go.

 A friend from the past fails to reach back when you enthusiastically reached out.

 Some things you can’t revive.

 Let it go.

 It makes for less baggage and I want life to be lighter.

So to the guy sitting in his big red Ford pickup truck blaring his horn, forgive me for yielding
I have manners and you should just let it go.


Your Turn. I Would Love To Hear Your Thoughs.

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